About MBH

As a business owner I have based my business upon a reputation for responsiveness, creativity, quality, integrity, intelligent business decisions, ethical business practices and putting the client’s business interests first.

I began my business in 1998 providing only marketing consulting services to clients; therefore I have built my client list through referrals.

My more than 20 years experience working in a corporate environment has afforded me the proven skill-set to manage marketing plans either in tandem with others in leadership positions and/or independently to initiate and create a model that may not currently exist.

Early in my career, I began by signing the Dorothy Owens broadcast company from the ground up and managed a $15 million dollar budget effectively. Throughout my career, in broadcasting and self-employment, I have gained experience in introducing and launching numerous marketing plans.

My philosophy is to have a limited amount of quality clients; thereby, developing extremely close working relationships with my client base and are able to understand and complement the client’s business. I will not take on campaigns or clients unless I feel that I can contribute to their success. Although we all have to make a living, I do what is right for my clients … not the things that will just bring monetary return.

I get to know the client (product or service), meet extensively to understand their goals and execute each project for the specific needs of that client. There are NO cookie cutter plans; everything I create is specific to building that individual client’s business, brand and market share.

The goal is to make the client the most successful in their individual fields with the most creative, unique and masterfully planned and executed marketing and advertising plans. I work very closely with the client’s projects to complement the brand, create an image, provide a creative edge, achieve measurable results and garner a larger market share. Making clients successful is my ultimate goal. At MBH Consulting there has never been missed a deadline, the bills are always paid on time, and low overhead is consistently maintained.